Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dr. Jekyll's Hyde-away- a very creepy painting

SOLD"Dr. Jekyll's Hyde-Away", 12x16-oil on canvas panel

This painting, which I titled "The Hideaway" was a spontaneous adventure for me. I had no idea what I was going to paint one day, and I just started massing in shapes , until an impression of something began appearing on the canvas. Then as I started adding odd colors like purple and orange, the whole painting began to take on a Halloween-like atmosphere. In truth, this is one heck of a mysterious Creature of Jekyll Island kind of painting. I've been to Jeckyll Island by the way, and I have no idea how the supposed wealthy conspirators and their fussy wives could put up with the heat, humidity and mosquitoes long enough to concoct a conspiracy! Whether or not you believe in conspiracies, or have faith in the Federal Reserve System is irrelevant to me. I'm just trying to sell an ugly painting. By the way, Jekyll Island is actually a very nice getaway, in spite of the bugs, and although I didn't stay in the upscale Jekyll Island Club Hotel, I found the Villas by the Sea Resort quite nice, with a lovely beach covered with interesting vegetation and gorgeous old oaks. Anyhow, if this painting does not sell this week, I'll probably enter it into Art Center Sarasota's upcoming exhibit titled: "Masquerade, Mystery and Mischief"-"In this exhibition artists are invited to submit works of art in all media exploring mysteries, disguise, the theatrical, mischief, frivolity adventure, the strange and forbidden. In this exhibition as in the Masquerade… normal rules don’t apply! "
I doubt that I'll ever be able to paint anything this creepy again, so if you want this painting to hang in your own personal hideaway, please contact me at and make me an offer I can't refuse.

Note: "Dr. Jekyll's Hyde-Away" has been juried into Art Center Sarasota's newest exhibit, "Masquerade, Mystery and Mischief", which runs through July 3rd. Opening reception is May 14th. Hope to see you there!

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