Thursday, May 06, 2010

Dog Day Afternoon, paintings of dogs at beaches, Venice Florida dog beach painting

"Dog Day Afternoon", 10x8, oil on wrapped linen-SOLD through Collector's Gallery and Framery
Here in Venice Florida, we are fortunate to have a beach that is made exclusively for dogs! Dog lovers from far and about come here to just indulge their dogs, and as a dog lover myself, it is quite a feast for the eyes to observe these dogs in total freedom of movement!

For the past few months, I have had the honor of dog-sitting my son's
Vizsla, a type of hound-dog that is sleek and muscular and cries all the time....

At any rate, I took the dog to the beach near my home a couple of times and he absolutely was in his glory! He made friends with other dogs that were there, had a dog park that was fenced in where he could run around and be totally free, and then at last there was the lovely beach.... I just wish my golden retriever had had a chance to run around on this beautiful Gulf beach before she'd passed away! Many dogs like retrievers swim in the warm Gulf waters, some don't swim at all, but regardless of their nautical expertise, a good time is had by all the dogs that come to this lovely beach in Venice, Florida!

I grabbed a few pictures recently while I was at the dog beach, and today I decided to use one for a reference for the above painting. The colorful beach umbrella added a heightened sense of FUN to the scene, so please enjoy!

By the way, here is a cute YouTube video of one dog's adventure at the Venice Dog beach, which is called South Brohard Beach and Paw Park.

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Susan Roux said...

Love the colors! Can I go to that colored-sand beach? Wouldn't it be fun? Oh the castles we could create!

Your stroke on the umbrella is sublime...