Wednesday, June 22, 2011

"Time to Go", 14x11, oil on canvas board, by Maryanne Jacobsen

SOLD"Time to Go", 14x11, oil on canvas board

Today I officially put the final touches on the second commissioned painting for the Ritz Carlton.

Yay! I'm officially done! (Save retouch varnish in a week or so...)

Once the work was done, I wanted to just painting something simple, beautiful and fun. (and smallish!) Since I've been working on beach paintings of late, it was natural for me to want to use the left over paint on my palette to continue in the same vein I'd been in for the past week or so. So I decided upon a scene I was well familiar with-(Venice Beach, Florida) and a bird that I am also well familiar with (Great Blue Heron) and voila! I had a new painting in no time at all!

This one exudes freedom, just like the bird taking flight.

I hope that you like it, too.

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Shazza said...

Sorry to post this here, I tried to send you an email to your aol but it bounced back.......

Hi Maryanne!

I am writing to you to get permission to use your 'Dr Jekylls hyde away' painting as inspiration on my scrapbooking challenge site in October 2011.

I have a challenge site called ARTastic and we showcase a painting each month for inspiration to scrappers, I came across your painting and thought it would be a great choice for a Halloween theme for October.

Here is a link to my challenge site so you can get an idea of what we actually do.

If we used your painting the added criteria would be
1) a house
2) trees
3) shades of orange and blue

I am also happy to add a little bio about you for the month and a link to your blog site or online galleries.

We profiled the Artist Debbie Adams in April and it was a very successful month for us, here is a link to that month

Hoping to hear back from you

I will need to know asap as my Design Team girls will have to work on their submissions for that month.

Curator and owner of ARTastic challenge Blog

my email address is -