Tuesday, February 14, 2012

"Dyna Flow", 6x6, oil on gessoboard, paintings of antique cars. old cars, small affordable paintings

"Dyna Flow", 6x6, oil on gessoboard

Last week I did not post any new paintings because I took a 4 day workshop with portrait artist Mary Minifie of The Boston School of Art. Mary is an award-winning portrait artist, and I learned a great deal during the workshop. Take a moment to check out Mary's beautiful paintings here.

One of the days that I was driving to Sarasota to the workshop, I happened to see a teal-colored antique car in front of me. As usual, the first thing that always makes me want to paint something is color, and this car was the most fabulous shade of blue-green I had ever seen! I pulled up as close as I could behind it to try to see what kind of car it was and all I could see were the words "Dyna Flow". Hence the name of the painting!

When I finally saw the front of the car, I just wanted to smile. The grill of the car looked like a mouth with teeth sticking out, and I felt like the car was smiling at me. As luck would have it, the car pulled of the highway, and I managed to snag a quick picture of it in the parking lot with my cell phone. Ha!

I should have such great teeth!

Somehow I keep thinking about a cheer we learned in high school as I painted this. It went something like this:
"Dyna-Mo, let's go, Dyna- Mite, let's fight, Dyna- mo, Dyna -Mite, Let's go, Let's fight!"

Happy Valentine's Day!

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