Monday, February 11, 2013

"Fishing at Sunrise", 9x12, oil on panel, fisherman, bass fishing, Atlantic Ocean, The Captain's House, Rockport, Mass.

"Fishing at Sunrise", 9x12, oil on panel
Note: Please click on the image in order to see the impasto better!

Last fall when we visited Rockport, Massachusetts, we stayed at The Captain's House on Marmion Way. We got up early in the morning in order to see the sunrise come up over the Atlantic Ocean. There was a fisherman that ran out onto the rocks as we watched the sun rise. He later told us that a school of bass had traveled through the water close to shore the night before. The site was breathtaking and I vowed to try to paint the scene eventually.

Today my daughter-in-law came over and asked me to give her a lesson in painting with a palette knife. She chose a different scene from our trip to Rockport and together we painted the entire afternoon. We both admitted that rocks are quite challenging! My goal in this painting was to capture that beautiful warm light that appears low in the sky after sunrise, and in this case it spilled gently over the rocks, warming up the backlit scene.

I have a new appreciation for teachers! Painting at the same time you are talking about technique and helping students, calls for a lot of multi-tasking. I hope I helped her a bit. Here is the photo that I took in September of the fisherman on the rocks:

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