Friday, November 29, 2013

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Holiday Gems! The four paintings above, can all be purchased individually. They were painted with the holidays in mind and would make lovely gifts for that special someone on your list. Each painting is beautifully framed in keeping with the paintings' characteristics and can be shipped to you in time for Christmas. Please see details below.

"Pigtails and Teddy Bears", 8x8, oil on panel framed in a wide gold frame.- $400

This painting would be an ideal gift from grandmom for that special little girl in your life. Imagine her waking up in her room each day and looking at the painting on her wall and being reminded of her beloved Gandmom! It is available through the Debra Huse "Holiday Treasures" Salon, which is being held at the Debra Huse Gallery on Balboa Island, California. Please see here for more info about the show, and if you cannot attend next week's reception, please call the gallery at 949-723-6171 to purchase online or follow this link: How to purchase online.

"Red House, Swim Beach", 6x6, framed-$300

The Red House on Monhegan Island is known by every resident or tourist that has ever visited Monhegan Island. It was immortalized first by the Wyeth family of artists and has undergone various changes in structure over the years since it was built. Nonetheless, its location on Swim Beach overlooking the tiny island of Manana will never change and it would make a lovely gift for anyone seeking to recall memories of vacations, honeymoons or moonlit jaunts by boat to Monhegan's incredibly beautiful and eclectic island landscape. This painting and two others have been selected to be in Randy Higbee's annual 6x6 inch squared show, held at Randy's Gallery in Costa Mesa , California. It is my understanding that this is THE art event of the season, so if you are in the area, please attend the opening reception next Saturday, December 7th.

If you are not in the area and would like to purchase this painting, please go here for an online PAypal link. It is my understanding that Randy is offering a 15% discount to other artists in the show, so if you have been wanting to collect one of my pieces of art, and like the one above, by all means call Randy's gallery at and take advantage of this special!

"Scaredy Cat", 6x6, oil on panel, framed- $300

What's not to like about a little kitten with a penchant for mischief and an adorable face? This little gem would make a lovely gift for that cat-lover in your life. It is also available through the Randy Higbee Gallery's annual show. If you cannot attend the show but wish to purchase online, just go here and hit the button and it will take you to the Paypal link.

"Rat Boat Reflections", 6x6, oil, framed- $300

Last but not least, who can resist a Rat Boat? This little old wooden dory makes its home on Cape Ann , in the Rockport Harbor, and a trip to Rockport would not be complete if I did not make sure that this little dory is still floating peacefully in the harbor, waiting patiently for its chance to fulfill its duties. A must-have for any old boat aficionado!

To purchase "Rat Boat Reflections", please follow this link to purchase via Paypal.

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