Sunday, June 07, 2015

"Peony Party", 10x20, oil on linen, paintings of peonies, Maryanne Jacobsen art, white peonies, pink peonies, summer flowers

"Peony Party", 10x20, oil on linen

I always look forward to June when I know the peonies are blooming up north. That means that they'll soon be making their way to markets further south. It's a short season, so I have been on the lookout since May.

As soon as we came back from Boston, (where I saw dozens of peonies, by the way!) I found what I was looking for in a local supermarket.

So I've been painting peonies over the past few days. Here' my favorite of the three paintings that I did. I decided to call it "Peony party" because the brightly colored place-mats that I set them on gave the set-up a festive feel.

If you love peonies as much as I do, enjoy!

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Stephen said...

Really beautiful, this one. It has s real shade of the golden age of Dutch painting! I'm looking forward to bring able to order one of your painting for my girls - I've just found a job and have an income again!