Thursday, March 03, 2016

"Effortless", 8x10, oil on linen, paintings of dancers, ballet art, MAryanne JAcobsen art, original oil paintings of dancers, ballerinas

"Effortless", 8x10, oil on linen

This painting was hanging in a government administrator's office for a few years, because he had personally requested that my art be the centerpiece of his office. The painting was recently returned to me after the gentlemen retired, and so yesterday I took it out and reworked a couple passages. I hopefully improved upon the past!

Ballet and painting have one thing in common. (Or maybe more than one!) In order to be a successful dancer, or to produce a successful painting, the viewer of the art form must not see a labored effect in the finished product. Dancing and painting to make the final product look fresh, spontaneous and effortless is very, very difficult and takes years of hard work, perseverance, experience, and a touch of talent as well!

Although I've painted hundreds of paintings, I have only had a handful that have come out looking effortless. I will continue to work at this for as long as I am able, and in the meanwhile here is a magnificently trained ballerina executing a flawless variation from Giselle. While her dancing looks effortless, it is with no doubt at all, that I know she trained for literally thousands of hours in order to achieve this fluidity. Enjoy!

Você pode ter o melhor pé, o melhor en dehors, o mais lindo físico, se a sua dança for vazia será apenas movimentos. Osipova dançando essa variação de Gisele mostra exatamente o que a arte espera de um verdadeiro artista. A alma com luz mostra o verdadeiro sentido do que é dançar. De arrepiar cara. Beijos Renato.
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Stephen Tuck said...

Another really beautiful picture. I love ballet paintings. Definitely pressing share on this one!