Tuesday, January 03, 2017

"Snow Day", 8x10, oil on panel, snow study, winter scenes, winter snow art, sledding, Chester Springs, Pa. Pennsylvania impressionism, Maryanne Jacobsen art

"Snow Day", 8x10, oil on panel

The last day of 2016 I was feeling nostalgic and rahter homesick for my old homestead up in Chester Springs, Pa. So on New Years Eve I painted this little study of two of my sons sledding in front of our home. It was a great place to sled, lots of hills, and because it was pretty rural back then, there was very little traffic on the roads.

Hoping that all of my friends and collectors have a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year!

To purchase this little snowy study, please email me at maryannejacobsen@aol.com.

Monday, December 19, 2016

"Boca Beauty", 12x16, oil, Boca Grande, Our LAdy of Mercy Catholic church, wedding gifts, art as gifts, Maryanne Jacobsen fine art, bougainvillea, queen palms, little white church, Old Florida

"Boca Beauty", 12x16, oil

Over the weekend I took a ride to Gasparilla Island, a pretty little island in Southwest Florida and home to Boca Grande, an upscale community on the Gulf where life is fashionable and golf carts are the transportation of choice. It didn't take me long to settle on a place to paint.

Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Church is a favorite haunt of plein air painters there, mostly because of the six queen oaks and flagrantly beautiful bougainvillea that cascades along the wall in front of the church.

I had only been painting for about an hour and a half when a wedding party showed up at the church. Surprise surprise. Who wouldn't choose such a pretty little church for a wedding on a balmy Saturday?

My painting wasn't finished, but I knew it was pointless to try to continue with all the traffic.

 So yesterday I decided to paint the scene while it was fresh in my mind, using the plein air study for color and value references. Here's the 8x10 plein air study:

I actually liked the light better when I first started the painting, because it streamed sidewise across the front of the church and the front wall was in shadow. But I did not take a photo of that scene so I had to use the photo from when I stopped painting to guide me on the light and shadows. Oh well.

 From what I understand, this little white church and Boca Grande in general is a favorite wedding spot, and it's obvious why! A gorgeous island and a beautiful little white church. What's not to like?

If you have any interest in either the 8x10 inch study, or the 12x16 inch studio work, just send me an email at maryannejacobsen@aol.com. It would certainly make a nice wedding gift, now wouldn't it?

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

"Princess Aurora", 12x16, oil, paintings of dancers, Sleeping Beauty Ballet, pink tutu, en pointe, dance art, ballerinas, Maryanne Jacobsen original art

"Princess Aurora", 12x16, oil

Just finished this new commission and I am actually happy with it! "Actually", because I am usually pretty hard on myself. The painting portrays Princess Aurora, from "The Sleeping Beauty" ballet in attitude croise. This ballet, set to music by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky is an old Russian favorite, originally set to choreography by Petipa.

My own company, the West Chester Ballet Theatre, performed excerpts from it many years ago. The music is beautiful and the Garland Dance, danced by young girls with hoops festooned with garlands of flowers, was always my all-time favorite dance in the entire ballet.

This painting is sold, but I often do other paintings of dancer, so check back often.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

"First Pointe Shoes", 9x11, impressionism, Maryanne Jacobsen art, ballet, young dancer, Vaganova method, Kirov ballet, Margarita De Saa, John White, Pennsylvania Academy of Ballet Society

"First Pointe Shoes", 9x11

As a former ballet instructor and director of Rock School West, it was very important to me to train my little students correctly. I chose to study with Margarita de Saa and John White at The Pennsylvania Academy of Ballet Society in Narberth, Pa. and to take their intensive Vaganova training course as well. The course followed the strict Vaganova syllabus used to train the young dancers in St. Petersburg , Russia who went on to dance with the Kirov Ballet and is a successful proving ground for dancers worldwide. The Vaganova method is a tried and true training method for ballet dancers and to this day it serves me well in Zumba class!! I am proud to say that one of my young dancers, Taylor Stanley, went on the become a principal with the New York City Ballet!

The little dancer in my painting was painted in the impressionistic style, but although her face is vague, I did want to show her Vaganova training in both her attire and her carriage. Dancers familiar with the pedagogue will recognize it.

Email me at maryannejacobsen@aol.com if you are interested in this painting.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

"The Gift Basket", 16x20, orchids, fruit, fruit basket, still life, eggs, wine, Leonard Cohen, MAryanne JAcobsen art

"The Gift Basket", 16x20

This is a re-do of a painting that I did awhile back. Not sure if I'm happy with it but I did enjoy painting it. Listened to the Essential Leonard Cohen CD while I painted. Now that man was a true artist!

If you are interested in this work, please contact me at maryannejacobsen@aol.com.

Tuesday, November 08, 2016

"Along School House Lane", 12x16, oil on panel, Maryanne Jacobsen art, paintings of Chester Springs, Birchrunville, Pa., fall landscapes, Pennsylvania landscapes, Chester County Pennsylvania

"Along School House Lane", 12x16, oil on panel

School House LAne is a short little lane off St. Matthews Rd., in Chester Springs, Pa. It leads into Birchrunville, a scenic and tiny little town with a post office, antique store and cafe. This road was very familiar to me when I lived nearby on Houndstooth Lane. We would often ride our bikes here on the way into Birchrunville for the annual Fourth of July parade.

I painted this scene of an overcast fall day, because I loved how the color or the reddish bushes stood out against the  dark tree trunks. I hope you enjoy this scene as much as I enjoyed painting it.

Monday, October 31, 2016

"Long Shadows, Coverdale Farm", 12x16, oil, Coverdale FArms,, Wilmington Delaware, plein air Brandywine VAlley, farms, fall scenes, autumn landscapes

"Long Shadows, Coverdale Farm", 12x16, oil

This was the first painting that I did during the Plein Air Brandywine Valley event two weeks ago. I had painted at Coverdale last year with good results, so I thought this first painting would be a piece of cake.

As it turns out, it was a little tricky as I tried to capture the shadows from the fencing. The best thing about the location was the sheep in the pen next to me who serenaded me with his baaaaas as I painted.

The morning grew progressively warmer and I had to strip off all those layers of clothing I had put on for warmth. Overall, a perfect morning to paint!

Contact me at maryannejacobsen@aol.com if you are interested in this fall scene.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

"Winter Warmth", 12x12, oil on Ampersand panel, winter still life, snow, wine, candlelight, red pear

"Winter Warmth", 12x12, oil on Ampersand panel

I was attempting to create a feeling of homey warmth on a cold night in this painting and I hope I achieved it. I thought it might be helpful to those who sometimes write and ask me questions about how I go about a painting to document my process. I never start a painting exactly the same way twice, and my process changes depending on my thoughts and goals at the time. But I often do use transparent washes in the initial stage, so I thought this would be a good painting to use as an example.

1. I typically set up my still life with whatever I can find nearby and try to make it a pleasing combination of elements, but in this case I had some specific things in mind, like the wine and the candle. In not having the window that would form the background, I knew I'd need to improvise, so I constructed the night scene with substitutes using my shadow box, some two by fours and a blue bathmat. My biggest fear was that the mat would catch fire so I only lit the candle for short periods of time.

2.The sketch- next I did a quick sketch in a notebook to get comfortable with the drawing, adding some notes that were relevant.

3. Next I stained the support with magenta and then sketched in the composition loosely, using a green pastel pencil. I like to use pastel pencils rather than charcoal, because I find that charcoal can dirty the color when I lay in the paint on top.

4. The initial color block-in: Next I blocked in the elements thinly, using only transparent colors and no opaques. I was not worried at this stage about either color or value, but instead was just trying to cover the entire support with a nice soupy mixture of transparent colors.
5. The next step is to go over the transparent washes with opaque paint,  and correct the values and colors of each object.

6. In the last step, I go back and try to harmonize color, refine shapes and correct anything that looks out of wack. Finally I attempt to create the atmosphere that I'm trying to achieve, softening edges  and checking highlights.

Overall, I wasn't displeased with this one. I think I was able to capture the feeling of being in a warm home on a cold night. Thanks for checking in!

Friday, October 28, 2016

"Little Church in Moonlight", 6x6, oil on panel, church , moonlight, full moon, nocturne, St. MAtthews Church, Chester Springs, Roots CAfe

"Little Church in Moonlight", 6x6, oil on panel

The first night that we arrived in Pennsylvania we decided to have dinner in a fabulous little organic/sustainable restaurant in downtown West Chester called "Roots Cafe" You can check out their website here. They pride themselves on good locally grown and homemade food and the ambiance in the restaurant is intimate and charming. There is also local art on the walls! Yay!

We had a great dinner and on the way back to our cottage in Chester Springs, I noticed a full moon in the sky and decided it might be a good night, albeit chilly , to paint a nocturne. As we came up the hill on Route 401 (Horseshoe Trail) I asked my husband to pull into the parking lot of the little St. Matthews Church, (which sits on a hill and is incredibly pretty to look at) and so he did.

The night was really chilly for this Floridian, (about 37degrees) and so I decided that I didn't feel like painting a nocturne afterall. But the full moon was bright and straight above the little church so we both grabbed our cameras and decided to take photos of the scene.

We were gone from the car for all of ten minutes but we did leave the car doors open. When we got back into the car it wouldn't start! I couldn't believe it. The Plein Air Brandywine Valley event was due to start the next day and I didn't have transportation! It is a dark, middle-of-nowhere kind of location by most people's accounts, but happily we used to live just down the road so I wasn't too worried by the rural setting. My husband , always the level-headed one, called AAA and they were out in about an hour to jump the car's battery. I thanked God that it was just the battery and we knew we would have to replace it first thing the next day.

Not the best way to start a paint-out, but at least I got this little 6x6 inch painting out of the adventure!

Thursday, October 27, 2016

"Pumpkin Season", 10x20, oil on panel, HAskell's Farm, plein air Brandywine Valley, Children's Beach House, barns, bank barns, autumn, pumpkins, autumn landscapes, MAryanne Jacobsen art

"Pumpkin Season", 10x20, oil on panel

This is one of two paintings that I did last week on the first day of the Plein Air Brandywine Valley competition, benefiting the Children's Beach House in Lewes, Delaware. This turned out to be my favorite painting of the week because I think it epitomizes the beauty of the Brandywine Valley in October, and I felt like I was able to capture that beauty.

Fall has always been my favorite time of year and so I enjoy traveling back to my home state of Pennsylvania each year for this annual event. The problem for me that first day was choosing between painting Jaime Wyeth's fabulous property  or Haskell's Farm in Chadds Ford, which I had heard from other painters was a real treat. Since I had been to the Wyeth property before I decided on the new venture and was happily rewarded with a plethora of subjects to choose from including farm equipment, stables, horses willing to pose, an old cottage and this magnificent bank barn.I chose the barn because of the dramatic light and shadow pattern created  in the afternoon sun.

The entire week we had gorgeous weather- a treat for this Floridian who has been accustomed to wearing thick wool socks and gloves each year at the event.

If you have any interest in this painting, feel free to send me an email at maryannejacobsen@aol.com, and thanks for visiting my blog.

Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Fresh Flowers, Fading Light, 18x18, oil on canvas, paintings of fresh flowers, original oil paintings, Maryanne Jacobsen art, hydrangea, roses, window seat, Galerie du Soleil, impressionist still life

"Fresh Flowers, Fading Light", 18x18 oil on wrapped canvas

This painting was begun outdoors in my garden, but since the weather did not cooperate, I ended up bringing the whole set-up indoors. This of course, drastically changed the light direction and temperature. I did my best to retain the sunniness of the morning light when the painting was started, but it didn't work. So as the evening light emerged, I made the decision to re-vamp the painting in the new light conditions, and I wasn't displeased with the result.

This painting is available through Galerie du Soleil in downtown Naples, Florida. Please call them at (239)417-3450 for pricing information.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

"China Cove Springtime", 12x16, oil on panel, paintings of California caost, Big Sur, Point Lobos, China Cove, MAryanne JAcobsen art, coastal art, Pacific Coast, water, sanctuary, seals, Matt Smith

"China Cove Springtime", 12x16, oil on panel

The very first time I visited China Cove in Point Lobos, a pristine nature preserve sandwiched between Big Sur and Carmel off the coastal highway in California, my jaw dropped and my heart pounded and then almost burst inside itself. Being from the northeastern part of the country, I had never before witnessed such vast beauty  as reflected in the mountains, the windblown trees,  the wildlife, and the turquoise waters of this bucolic place.

All around me I could hear seals barking, gulls reeling and nature in all its glory responding to this beautiful sanctuary of peace and tranquility.

I painted on site here as often as I could in our short visits to the area, the first being  at Headland Cove, near the entrance to the park. The painting sold on the spot to an art collector , who enjoyed telling me that he had numerous Matt Smith works in his collection. Ahh! I am in good company on his walls, I thought happily.

It was on my second trip there that I veered further south and discovered the beautiful little cove that was hidden away in a protected niche of the sanctuary; where the seals come and play and nurse their cubs in the springtime. The waters were a translucent blend of vivid emeralds and turquoise and cerulean blue, such as I had never before seen together in one place. So I set up my things and allowed the beauty of that place to become a part of my memory.

The painting above is one of half a dozen that I did afterwards, in memory of those moments. This one is available to purchase directly through me. If you would like to bring a tiny piece of this beautiful place into your home, please contact Galerie du Soleil at (239)417-3450 for purchase information.

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

"Summer Read", 16x20, oil, figure in the landscape, paintings of young ladies, women in hats, books, summer, gardens, MAryanne JAcobsen art

"Summer Read", 16x20, oil on panel

Sometimes I will do a scene more than once if I enjoyed painting it, and also to see if I can improve upon what I did before.

I painted a smaller version of this over a year ago, called "A Summer's Day" :

There are things about the first version that I like better, like the folds in the girl's dress and the light on the chaise. But overall, I am relieved to also see improvements in the new version. It is so important for an artist to know she is improving, otherwise why bother to continue?

Parts of painting become drudgery after a time. Things like cleaning brushes, cleaning messy palettes, varnishing , framing and preparing canvases, not to mention shipping- are the things that make me weary. Many people have no idea how much work is involved in being a successful artist! And I didn't even touch on the marketing part which I am not very diligent about!

So it is always helpful to know that one is improving and that the work is well received by your audience.

I would love to hear from you regarding the newer version! Please drop a comment if you have the time!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

"Les Fruits et Fleurs", 12x16, oil on linen, coral, mardi gras roses, apples, pears, floral art, Maryanne Jacobsen original painting oil

"Les Fruits et Fleurs", 12x16, oil on linen

I have fallen in love with these coral-colored roses. Sometimes referred to as "Mardi Gras" roses they certainly feel festive. I tried to keep them subdued in this painting, and like the way it turned out.

Thanks for checking in!