Wednesday, April 28, 2010

"Wine Country Picnic", miniature paintings, a painting a day, paintings of wine, wine country, paintings of grapes, affordable paintings, Napa Valley


"Wine Country Picnic", 5x7, oil on Raymar linen panel

I am finally feeling much more confident painting grapes. My friend Jon Greeley says that painting grapes are easy. Well, easy for him to say! I messed around with this little painting till I finally managed to add some volume to the grapes. I think I should thank David Leffel for helping me with this one. He will tell you that the shadow side of the grape is always more vibrant in color than where the light enters from the front. That is because as the light exits the grape on its shadow site, the grape lights up with vibrant color! Thanks David!

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

"Concerto in pink and blue"- hydrangeas, peonies, apples and grapes, still life painting by Maryanne Jacobse


"Concerto in Pink and Blue", 18x24, oil on 1.5 inch thick gallery wrapped canvas

This painting was painted from life in which pink and blue hydrangeas were placed into an antique urn that I purchased years ago at the antique show at Chester Springs. I decided to stick the apple atop the grapes because I knew the red against the green grapes would add drama.

Here is my set-up:
This painting would make a very special gift for Mother's Day or for that wonderful person in your life who loves all things beautiful, and especially if they include flowers! I would be happy to frame it for you, too, if you would like to purchase it already framed. Please contact me for additional costs if you would like to purchase the painting framed .
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Saturday, April 24, 2010

"Mother's Love", 9x12, oil on canvas, paintings of mothers, paintings of mothers and babies, mother's day paintings, poignant paintings of motherhood

"Mother's Love", 9x12, oil on canvas © Copyright, Maryanne Jacobsen

With Mother's Day and motherhood in general on my mind quite a bit these days, I had wanted to paint a scene of a mother and child for some time now. I had wanted to tackle this painting since I first saw the photo last fall. But I was a little reluctant to try to paint something so incredibly beautiful, so I kept putting it off. I finally started it on Monday, and have been working on it all week non-stop. I am sorry I did not use linen for the painting, since the toothy canvas was a pain to work with. I struggled with the flesh tones much more than I have in the past- not sure if it was the outdoor lighting or what. Anyhow, here is the result. I may tweak some of the passages a bit, but it is probably about finished.

A huge thank-you to a very lovely lady, Sara Tribe, for granting me permission to use this picture that she took of her sister Ashley, and Baby Ellie, as a reference for this painting. (Love and miss you , Sara!)

The painting is not for sale at this time, as I have decided to use it as a study for a larger piece. Yes, this next one will definitely be on linen!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Inn on the Alameda, paintings of Santa Fe, Santa Fe architecture

SOLD "Inn on the Alameda", 14x11, oil on canvas panel

This painting is about a year old, and I've re-worked it a couple times so it is definitely not the same painting that it was originally. I took out the lower wall and added the dark blue foliage in the bottom right, which added a nice feeling of depth to the scene. The painting is filled with thick impasto and depicts the architectural features of an enchanting Bed and Breakfast in Santa Fe, New Mexico called The Inn on the Alameda. In view of the fact that it's been re-worked a couple times, I am offering it for the affordable price of only $150. If you have ever been to this lovely B&B, you are probably an art connoisseur anyhow, since The Inn on the Alameda is located in the heart of downtown Santa Fe, within walking distance to galleries on Canyon Road and other Santa Fe/Taos attractions. To read more about this beautiful bed and breakfast, go here. This painting was painted with palette knife only and is very colorful. Click on the photo to see more detail of this original oil painting.

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Poetic Mission, 14x11, oil on linen, Mission San Juan Capistrano, Mission arches

"Poetic Mission", 14x11, oil on linen

I painted this a few months ago but pulled it out yesterday and re-worked a couple passages. The painting is quite lovely in person; the photo does not do it justice.

If you are unfamiliar with the beautiful Capistrano Mission in San Juan Capistrano , California, this old Spanish mission is a site where the swallows return annually to migrate in March, on St. Joseph's feast day. Be sure to visit the mission, (regardless of your religion), as it is a place of unbelievable beauty and serenity!

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