Saturday, July 23, 2016

"China Cove Springtime", 12x16, oil on panel, paintings of California caost, Big Sur, Point Lobos, China Cove, MAryanne JAcobsen art, coastal art, Pacific Coast, water, sanctuary, seals, Matt Smith

"China Cove Springtime", 12x16, oil on panel

The very first time I visited China Cove in Point Lobos, a pristine nature preserve sandwiched between Big Sur and Carmel off the coastal highway in California, my jaw dropped and my heart pounded and then almost burst inside itself. Being from the northeastern part of the country, I had never before witnessed such vast beauty  as reflected in the mountains, the windblown trees,  the wildlife, and the turquoise waters of this bucolic place.

All around me I could hear seals barking, gulls reeling and nature in all its glory responding to this beautiful sanctuary of peace and tranquility.

I painted on site here as often as I could in our short visits to the area, the first being  at Headland Cove, near the entrance to the park. The painting sold on the spot to an art collector , who enjoyed telling me that he had numerous Matt Smith works in his collection. Ahh! I am in good company on his walls, I thought happily.

It was on my second trip there that I veered further south and discovered the beautiful little cove that was hidden away in a protected niche of the sanctuary; where the seals come and play and nurse their cubs in the springtime. The waters were a translucent blend of vivid emeralds and turquoise and cerulean blue, such as I had never before seen together in one place. So I set up my things and allowed the beauty of that place to become a part of my memory.

The painting above is one of half a dozen that I did afterwards, in memory of those moments. This one is available to purchase directly through me. If you would like to bring a tiny piece of this beautiful place into your home, please contact Galerie du Soleil at (239)417-3450 for purchase information.