Saturday, May 23, 2015

"An Afternoon at China Cove", 12x12 , oil, California landscapes, MAryanne Jacobsen art, Point Lobos, China Cove, impressionism, colorist art

"An Afternoon at China Cove", 12x12 , oil

Beautiful is the only way I came describe the dreamy waters of China Cove, in Point Lobos. The water in the cove ranges from emerald to teal and falls into a violet blue in the deeper waters. The light in California is soft, calming and slightly cool compared to  what I am used to here in Southwest Florida, where the light is usually quite warm, and harsh  in its brightness.

The seals were out on the beach lazing about on the day that I visited last month. It was helpful to paint there that day, because once you paint in a location, you remember those subtle qualities of the scene, that you would never get in a photograph. There was some really magical reflected light on the rocks near the keyholes- light reflecting off the water.

I painted this with palette knife and brush and I hope you enjoy it!

Saturday, May 09, 2015

"The Scent of Summer", 12x16, oil, flowers, pink, impasto, impressionism, palette knife, roses, Maryanne Jacobsen art

"The Scent of Summer", 12x16, oil

I had fun experimenting with this painting. I kept wiping out the work I had done when I wasn't happy with it and going over the top with something new. Wiping out was something I got used to hearing about at PACE15. In fact, instead of thinking of wiping out as being a result of making mistakes, it's often a technique that seasoned artists use to get some nice softening effects.

I forget what this is called. Though I know it has a name!

I also used a limited palette of two yellows, two reds and two blues. It does make for a nice harmonic sound, and I do see unity in the work above.

Anyhow, I enjoyed playing with this one and kept the impasto for the end- in the flowers, of course.

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

"Late afternoon, China Cove", 8x10, oil on panel, Maryanne Jacobsen art, Point Lobos, China Cove, Plein air convention, Monterrey, Carmel art, Pacific Ocean, sheltered coves, seals, plein air

"Late afternoon, China Cove", 8x10, oil on panel

I recently returned from a trip to California which included a week at the Plein Air Convention in Monterrey, as well as a side trip to San Francisco and Yosemite National Park.

While at the #PACE15 convention, I had another wonderful opportunity to paint at China Cove in Point Lobos. Point Lobos is eye candy for artists- an artist's Paradise on earth! It was a horrendously windy day on the first day of the convention, and while the other artists headed to Asilimar Beach to paint, I took the road less traveled by and headed to China Cove, which is just sheltered enough that it was peaceful and calm in those late afternoon hours when I set up.

Lest you think I am kidding about eye candy for artists, here's what it looked like from the walking trail where I painted...

 Do not miss the chance to visit one of the most breathtaking spots in the entire world if you happen to be in the mid-coast area of California. Here is the official web site for the state preserve of Pt. Lobos- Point Lobos State Preserve.

I happened to notice on the website that the steps leading to China Cove are now closed until further notice due to erosion! Whew! So glad I had the opportunity to paint there a few weeks ago before they closed the path!

The seals were also lazing about the shoreline with their pups while I was there. It was such a treat!

This was my second trip to the area. I do hope that it is not my last!