Saturday, May 23, 2015

"An Afternoon at China Cove", 12x12 , oil, California landscapes, MAryanne Jacobsen art, Point Lobos, China Cove, impressionism, colorist art

"An Afternoon at China Cove", 12x12 , oil

Beautiful is the only way I came describe the dreamy waters of China Cove, in Point Lobos. The water in the cove ranges from emerald to teal and falls into a violet blue in the deeper waters. The light in California is soft, calming and slightly cool compared to  what I am used to here in Southwest Florida, where the light is usually quite warm, and harsh  in its brightness.

The seals were out on the beach lazing about on the day that I visited last month. It was helpful to paint there that day, because once you paint in a location, you remember those subtle qualities of the scene, that you would never get in a photograph. There was some really magical reflected light on the rocks near the keyholes- light reflecting off the water.

I painted this with palette knife and brush and I hope you enjoy it!

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