Monday, August 24, 2015

"Summer Garden, Provincetown", 8x10, oil, Cape Cod, Provincetown, beautiful gardens, summer gardens, New England gardens

"Summer Garden, Provincetown", 8x10, oil

Provincetown is always a fun place to visit and although the summer crowds make travel on Cape Cod somewhat challenging, seeing all the beautiful gardens in full bloom make it well worth the effort.

Took a bunch of pictures last summer when I was up there for the American Women Artists exhibit in Orleans and finally took them out today and chose one to paint.

Cape Cod was the very first place that my hubby and I chose as a vacation destination when we were first married 44 years ago. Things have changed a lot since then, but the Cape, and Provincetown in particular, will always hold a special place in my heart.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

"Time to Go", 12x16, oil, great blue heron, paintings of large birds, cranes, Florida birds, Florida beaches, southwest florida oil paintings, palette knife painting

"Time to Go", 12x16, oil

When I first moved to Florida 10 years ago, I was mezmerized by the birds. Huge creatures they were- great blue herons, egrets, sandhill cranes- many of them so tall that you felt  you could practically lean over and have a conversation with them when you met them on the street. And yes, you do meet them on the street . They hang out on cars, boats, street corners and walk through your gardens mid-morning and stop and look at you as if you are their best friends.

Which in fact we hope we are! The great blue herons are one of my favorite big birds and they are very dramatic when they are in flight. Their wing span is expansive and their flight is elegant. The sandhill cranes mate for life and have a habitat right in my neighborhood. We love watching them mate each spring and produce offspring. They walk around the neighborhood proudly- the whole family, usually two little ones and their parents. When the little pups grow big- usually in about 6 months- they fly off in search of mates and so the cycle begins anew.

The scene above was painted at Venice Beach. I added the great blue heron afterwards thanks to some photos I took with my camera.

I hope to paint more big birds in the future. It always fills my heart with joy to see them and it's one of the special perks of living in southwest Florida!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

"Summer Vineyard", 12x16, plein air, North Carolina plein air, Morgan Ridge Vineyards, winery, vineyard painting, Gold Hill, NC

"Summer Vineyard", 12x16, oil, plein air

Had a great time last week painting with the North Carolina plein air painters during their NC Open Plein Air event in Salisbury. The weather was warm but perfectly bright and there were many great spots to choose from. I painted a historic farmhouse in the morning (more on that later) and ended up at Morgan Ridge Wineries for the afternoon session of painting.

The Morgan Ridge Vineyard is lovely, with beautiful gardens, flowers, goats and of course-wine!

The owner was sweet. She called her goats over by name and fed them so my husband could get a better photo of them. All in all it was a lovely day and it was great to get a little relief from the Florida heat.

If you are interested in thi painting, just send me an email at

Monday, August 03, 2015

"Summer Garden, Monhegan Island", 8x10, oil on panel, Monhegan Island, summer gardens, floral painting, Maryanne Jacobsen art, Maine, Carina, The Fish House

"Summer Garden, Monhegan Island", 8x10, oil on panel

Monhegan Island is a special little place about 12 miles off the Maine Coast. You can take the ferry from either Boothbay Harbor or Port Clyde. The homes all look fairly alike with lots of grey weathered clapboard that seems to match the soft bluish light that is such a delight to artists everywhere. The island is such eye candy to artists that Monhegan has been dubbed, "The Artists' Island". In the summer, the island comes alive with color as perennial gardens spring up in profusion with giant sunflowers, foxglove, snap dragons, lupine, island thistle and black-eyed susans in abundance.

Summers are warm and lively on the island and the lunch crowd keeps the Fish House on Fish Beach Road hopping throughout the season as you can see below.


This perky and effusive garden that I painted lies right on the main path leading up the hill at a place called "The Carina". The Carina is a very versatile establishment selling deli sandwiches, beer and wine, gourmet foods and even hardware!

I've done a lot of paintings of Monhegan Island . You can see some of my favorites here

and here.

Many people use golf carts to get around the island. If I ever go back, (and I hope I will), I may consider that option as lugging my paint gear around in the heat was no fun! (Yes, it gets hot, there, too!)

If you look closely at the above photo you can just make out the garden that I painted and the house behind it.

If you ever go to Maine, do not miss the opportunity to spend at least a day on Monhegan. It's truly a magical, unforgettable place!

This painting is available through Galerie du Soleil in Napels, Florida. Please contact them for purchase info at 239-417-3450.