Friday, July 31, 2015

"The Whaler's House", 11x14, After Hopper exhibit, Addison Art Gallery, Orleans, MA. Cape Cod, Edward Hopper, Edward Penniman House, MAryanne JAcobsen art

"The Whaler's House", 11x14

Tomorrow is the opening of the After Hopper show at the Addison Art Gallery in Orleans, Ma.

This show is an exciting collection of plein air work by a group of selected artists that reflect a connection to the work of Edward Hopper. Hopper often painted on the Cape and his work has been the inspiration of artists from coast to coast.

Hopper's handling of light on buildings was masterful. I chose to paint the Edward Penniman House because of the strong light and shadow patterns on the building and the distinctive architecture of the Whaling Captain's house, which was so reminiscent of many of the buildings that Hopper himself had painted in his day. See what I mean?

"Haskell's House" by Edward Hopper, watercolor

The Edward Penniman House is located on Fort Hill, not far from the Addison Gallery in Orleans.

Capturing The Penneman House on canvas was like stepping back into time, where I could almost hear the Whaler himself as he stepped out on the cupola of the roof of his mansion, his eyes darting to and fro across the horizon from his vantage point on Fort Hill. I could almost hear him clear his throat , followed by a sharp intake of breath as he spotted not one- but two whales  breeching in syncopation above the frothy waves not far from the Whaler’s House.

I elected to omit the whale bones and metal guard rail because I felt reasonably sure that they did not exist in Hopper's time and I wanted to try to stay true to the era.

There are many wonderful events on the Cape that will celebrate the "After Hopper" exhibit. Please check the website here for more details, and don't miss this wonderful celebration of an American icon, if you are vacationing on Cape Cod.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

"It's the little things that count", 8x10, oil on linen panel, lemons still life, floral alla prima, painting from life, Maryanne Jacobsen art, blue vase

"It's the little things that count", 8x10, oil on linen panel

It's been raining here in Florida for what seems like an eternity. The summer's are always so hot and humid here but at least there is sunshine. Well, not this year! It's been the rainiest summer I can remember since moving here in 2004.

What does this have to do with the painting? Nothing much, other than the fact that I have come to realize that painting from life always produces results that are superior to painting from a photograph.

So I am basically using this time when I am shut indoors to practice some still life paintings. The small flowers were picked from the garden and the lemons came from the frig. I dug a pretty marble out of a silk flower vase and added it at the last minute.

How easy is that?

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Friday, July 24, 2015

"Antique Copper Cup with Meyer Lemons and Pink Roses", 11x14, pink roses, antique copper, meyer lemons, still life Maryanne Jacobsen art, impressionist art

"Antique Copper Cup with Meyer Lemons and Pink Roses", 11x14

I found the coolest copper cup at an antique mall in Maine one day. In case you don't know, Maine has the very BEST antique malls and they are everywhere!

Anyway, I brought it out today and set up a still life in my studio. It was a drab rainy day and it's been that way all week!

Here's my set-up:
I kind of wish I had added some blue to the set-up, but oh well. The green and purple harmonize pretty well. 
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Sunday, July 12, 2015

"Indian Summer", 6x6, oil on panel, paintings of covered bridges, red bridge farm, Elverson, Pennsylvania, Paintings of Chester County, Pennsylvania, small paintings, little gems, Maryanne Jacobsen art, original oil paintings

"Indian Summer", 6x6, oil on panel

I came upon this red covered bridge on my way to a plein air event in Pennsylvania. It was so unexpected that I screeched on my car  brakes and kept saying, "Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow!"

You see, now that I have lived in Florida for ten years, (no offense to Floridians intended),coming upon little unexpected gems like this is a totally delightful event and one in which I will never again take for granted! (Even though I lived in Chester County for most of my life!)

Chester County, Pennsylvania is noted for its many beautiful covered bridges. Many have been restored in their entirety, but some retain their original classic old charm.

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Friday, July 10, 2015

"Sunrise, Gully Point", 11x14, oil on linen, Rockport painting, Gully Cove, sunrise, Impressionist painting by award-winnig impressionist, MAryanne Jacobsen fine art, Cape Ann art, North Shore

"Sunrise, Gully Point", 11x14, oil on linen

One of my favorite moments in time is a sunrise in Rockport, Massachusettes. I don't normally get up at 5 in the morning to see the sunrise, but when I'm in Rockport I always do!

This was painted at or near Gully Point, off Marmion Way in Rockport. The sunrises there are usually dramaticly gorgeous throughout the summer months.

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