Friday, April 13, 2007

Blue and Pink, still life realism

"Blue and Pink"- oil on linen, 9X12

This painting was a great deal of fun for me to do-probably because I enjoyed painting the flowers so much. Although the majority of the painting was based on the chiaroscuro school of realism, I delved somewhere between impressionism and realism when I painted the flowers, and the result is that the brushstrokes are really quite lovely in person.
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Cynthia said...

You know your works wows me, but I think you've stepped up to a new level. This is truly masterful.

TJ said...

OMG. Matyann this is way to much! I love it!!!!
How inspiring you are to me.
I spent the winter in Hommosassa Florida and it is a state that almost screams art.
Great works kiddo...
Peace TJ