Thursday, January 10, 2008

A Year in Provence- June, 24x12

"A Year in Provence-June", 24x12, oil on masonite (Please click on the photo to see a better view of the texture.)

About the Painting:
The first time I read Peter Mayle's "A Year in Provence" I laughed so hard that my husband came running into the room thinking that I was having a convulsion. I've read it twice since then, and highly recommend it to anyone who loves Provence, and enjoys the dry wit of a Brit coupled with first hand knowledge of the earthy pleasures that govern Provencal life.

Whenever I get down on myself about my art , I revert to painting scenes that I love. Completed last night, this is the newest of my lavender paintings (all the rest have sold) and it's definitely my best. I named it "A Year in Provence-June", because I've decided to paint a series of scenes from Provence for every single month of the year. This one was painted exclusively with a palette knife so there are thick layers of juicy color and texture throughout.

I photographed the painting indoors, where the light is warm (see above), and outdoors as well, (see photo below), where the colors are more bluish due to the cool light. I'd say that the most accurate colors are somewhere in the middle of the two, but I simply cannot find a place to photograph the painting that doesn't have either warm indoor or cool outdoor lighting affecting the true color of the painting.

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