Thursday, February 14, 2008

"Front Entrance"-Impressionist/Fauvist Floral

SOLD "Front Entrance", 5x7, oil on canvas panel

This wild little impressionist painting depicts the front entrance to a home or little pied à terre, that most likely could be situated in Paris, Venice, Majorica or London. A pot of flamboyant flowers greets and seduces the guests as they approach a gray and non-descript entrance door. The pot of flowers appears to have been casually set on a pedestal, perhaps by a beautiful young woman, or a gardener, or any whimsical free spirit with a flair for romance. One can only wonder if the flowers are the only enticements on this little side street that seems most comfortable in a setting in Europe, Copenhagen, or possibly La Jolla, Ca. No this isn't an ad from a J. Peterman catalogue. I've just had too much coffee this morning!

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TJ said...

So glad to see its a current entry of your work.
I wish to paint well someday..until then I keep trying.