Friday, February 22, 2008

Plein air, Terra cotta alfresco,Palette knife


"Terra cotta Alfresco", 8x10, oil on gallery wrapped linen

I painted this little pot of vibrant flowers today in downtown Venice at Restaurant Luna, where all the alfresco diners were having a ball on what was a gorgeously warm and balmy afternoon.

The diners sipped wine and chatted under cerulean-colored umbrellas, and the stucco wall was lined with buoyant and very colorful flowers to add to the festive feel of the carefree setting. I took the easy road and decided to paint just this simple but lovely pot, instead of attempting to capture the gestures of the happy diners and the windswept umbrellas. The palm tree behind the pot is a teaser, asking the viewer to envision the rest of the swaying palm tree in that small courtyard and wonder what it would feel like to bask in the sunshine on a lazy afternoon with nothing to worry about except the quality of the food and the mood of the present company. I like the way this one came out , because the late afternoon shadows made for a very nice composition.

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A Painting A Day by Diana Marshall said...

I love this painting, the colour, the texture and the whole atmosphere of it, I like knife painting too you can really have fun with it and get great textural effects and let rip as in your previous blog painting.