Thursday, May 01, 2008

First signs of spring in Chester Springs

Sold Miller Road Forsythia and Stream, 10x14, oil on canvas panel

Well, I finished my first painting with Holbein Duo Oils, which are water-based oils that do not require clean-up with turps or the use of mediums. It was a little weird getting used to them, because they feel a little different in terms of overall thickness and consistency and the colors are a little different from what I have been painting with for 2 years now. But overall I really liked them! They have the same gooey, buttery texture of oils, but clean-up easily with water and soap like acrylics. And no fumes! Very cool!

I painted this scene from a photo that I took before moving to Florida. I always knew it was spring in my little town of Chester Springs, Pa. when the forsythia was a-bloom on Miller Road. (see photos below). I used to walk past this little scene everyday on my morning jog- (there's a little stone spring house to the left of the meandering spring which I'll attempt to paint very soon! It was a very idyllic and calming place to walk and jog.

I intend to work this a little more tomorrow, but it's 90% finished at this point.

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Dorn said...

Beautiful! Ah, how I've missed your vision.

(forgot my google password, grrrrrrrr!)