Monday, August 25, 2008

Tranquility revised, 24x36

Sold"Tranquility", 24x36, oil on canvas.

I added a strong focal point to the painting by putting in a clump of trees into the background, which you can see if you compare the two pictures.

I also strengthened shadows and water reflections, though it's hard to tell from the photo. I photographed it this morning out on the lanai, but unfortunately there are still tell-tale shadows running on a slant from left to right on the photo where the metal overhead grids of my lanai were casting shadows. The painting is much more dynamic in person.

I'll be adding a final glaze for depth and to unite the colors next week, when the painting is more dry. If you would like to purchase this painting , please email me.

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David R. Darrow said...

Maryanne, please contact me ( there is no easy-to-find means of contacting you on your blog/website. (It's regarding the "Master List of Daily Painters" on the Daily Painters Guild Website). I need your e-mail address.