Tuesday, June 19, 2012

"That's Amore", 6x6, oil on panel-small still life, roses, apple, love, by maryanne jacobsen


"That's Amore", 6x6, oil on panel

So today I set a still life up in my kitchen and painted this little guy.

The only reason it is named as such is because that is the song that was playing in the background when I put my final monogram on the painting.

Now can't you just see the lady and the tramp eating spaghetti with this fanciful bouquet on their table?
A special thank-you to Terry Mason who convinced me to get out of the dark closet I've been painting in for 5 months where I couldn't see a danged thing, and go back to painting in my bright, happy kitchen. It really DID feel better.

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Paula Campbell said...

Love the colors in this one! I may have to try painting in my kitchen!
Checked out Terry Mason's blog and really enjoyed reading it.