Wednesday, July 11, 2012

"Morning on Valley Forge Mountain", 8x10, oil on board-Valley Forge, encampment, Washington , Revolutionary war, historic areas


"Morning on Valley Forge Mountain", 8x10, oil on board

Last week I spent the week in Chester County, Pa. where I spent the majority of my life before moving to Florida in 2004. It was a very hot week, in the triple digits all week, so activities had to be done in the early morning hours before it became too hot.

My husband and I used to take numerous walks and bike rides in Valley Forge Park when we lived up there, so it made sense to start the week with an early morning walk on Valley Forge Mountain.

The light was stunning as you can see from my photo below:

 We managed to see a few deer on our walk, but the population has evidently been thinned out, due to Lyme's disease and the traffic hazards. There used to be herds of deer everywhere in the park. I was happy to at least see a few, and managed to catch this one with my camera before he ran off:

Few people realize how close we came to losing the war! Valley Forge was a critical turning point for  America as it was there that the troops received their much needed training from Prussian military expert Baron Von Steuben, which eventually turned the war around.


Anne Higgins said...

I follow your blog. Thanks for posting that lovely painting of Valley Forge Mountain. I grew up in Chester County, too -- in West Chester, where a few times I saw Andrew Wyeth browsing in a bookstore on Church St. ( about 50 years ago).


Paintdancer said...

Dear anne,
Thanks so much for your comment. I just visited your lovely blog and tried to comment but could not due to the fact that blogger thinks I'm a robot. I tried 8 times to see and write the words on the screen and then tried the audio version which was even worse. I felt like I was on another planet!
It's cool that you saw Andrew Wyeth in a bookstore. We visited his studio while we were up there.

Sondra Van Huss said...

Lovely "dance" of colors throughout this painting! Love it!