Friday, September 07, 2012

"Cattin' Around", 8x10, oil on canvas panel-paintings of cat boats, Cape Cod cat boats, sailboats, impressionist seascapes

"Cattin' Around", 8x10, oil on canvas panel

I am a total sucker when it comes to classic cat boats. They are elegant, efficiently constructed and comparing them to new sailboat designs is like comparing Jennifer Aniston to Grace Kelly.

In this painting I wanted to capture the feeling of movement in both the air and water.

Lots of thick impasto in this one, so if you are thinking of purchasing allow at least two weeks drying time.

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Katherine Thomas said...

I really like this! The texture of the impasto helps create the windy, dramatic feel of the waves and the movement of the boat. I also love that you drew the boat so true to form, even the way it sits in the water. That's not easy. I've seen many boat paintings where it was evident that the artist didn't know much about boats. Any seasoned boater who looks at this painting, though, will smile in satisfaction. (Then they'll go home and rig up their catboat and hit the waves)