Monday, October 01, 2012

"Sunrise at The Captain's House", 14x 11, oil on linen-Captain's House, Rockport, MAssachusetts, Cape Ann, sunrise, seaside gardens


"Sunrise at The Captain's House", 14x 11, oil on linen

Last week we had the good fortune to stay a few days at The Captain's House in Rockport , Massachusetts.  The inn is directly on the Altlantic Ocean and we went to sleep lulled by the sound of rhythmic waves, and awoke to the orange rays of the sun coming right over the horizon before our very eyes. Although staring out the window of our room at the sunrise was just fine, we usually went downstairs and enjoyed the view from the porch.

I was especially intrigued with the dramatic light effect across the flower bed and house in these early morning hours and that is what I  set about to capture in this painting:

Although a picture's worth a thousand words, nothing can compare to the beauty of this place in person!

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Katherine Thomas said...

Wow! I like how you captured the sunlight so well, on the different surfaces! It's really interesting to me to see how the colors vary in the light and in the shadow. Great painting!