Sunday, October 07, 2012

"The Wishing Well House", 6x6 oil on board

"The Wishing Well House", 6x6 oil on board

We caught a glimpse of this New England saltbox colonial while on vacation last week. What's not to like about a lovely red house with a little red wishing well on the lawn? As we drove through Hollis, New Hampshire last week, I couldn't help but think about how much I miss the changing seasons since moving to Florida eight years ago.

The dappled light across the house was pretty magical  as was the the early glimpse of autumn in the landscape. If I could have dropped a penny in that wishing well, I would have wished for autumn colors in Florida as well!

Note: This painting is on hold and not for sale at this time.

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Susan Roux said...

I love the dappled sunlight on your house. Great shadow work!

You should have given me a heads up that you were coming my way. I would have loved to meet you!