Wednesday, November 06, 2013

"Cornfields at Granogue", 9x12, plein air, Brandywine Valley, DuPont estate, farms, cornfields, autumn landscapes

"Cornfields at Granogue", 9x12, plein air

This is another painting that was done during Plein Air Brandywine Valley. For me it was the best day of the event, as I simply loved the setting, and I think it was reflected in the way that the painting turned out-my best of the week.

Granogue is the country estate of Irenee Du Pont and the mansion sits high on a hill overlooking the beautiful Brandywine Valley.
Although Granogue remains a family residence, much of the land is preserved, in keeping with the DuPont tradition of conservationists.

It was a clear beautiful day, on the day we were allowed to paint there, and it was difficult choosing from farmland, old barns, cattle, ponds and the rolling hills that cascade down the valley toward the Brandywine River.

I chose to stand at the carriage house, where I had unmitigated views of the rolling cornfields ,and a farm and fall foliage in the distance.

I only wish I had the option to paint such beautiful scenery every day of the week!

This painting is available through Galerie Du Soleil.

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