Friday, February 07, 2014

"Her Garden", 24x24, oil on canvas, paintings of gardens, women in gardens, summer gardens, florals, romanticism, art for romantics, Maryanne Jacobsen

"Her Garden", 24x24, oil on canvas

My garden has always been very special to me. A sanctuary for birds, a place to write down my deepest thoughts, a sunny spot on a cool day, and a shady refuge on a warm day.

I've had many gardens throughout my life. My favorite garden was in my last home in Chester Springs, Pennsylvania. The geese would parade through the denser parts as they headed for the pond behind my home. The deer would gather in droves in the winter months, looking for berries as they sauntered like dancers among the brambles.

From my office, I would stare through the window at the abundance of wildlife proliferating in own back yard and yearn for the day when I would no longer need to be trapped at a desk, but would be free to spend time to my heart's content just tending the roses, pulling weeds from the throats of the holly hocks and wallowing in the splendor of the velvety grass beneath my feet.

Today, my garden is different. The pastels of the north have been replaced by the warm , sultry palette of tropical flowers, and palm trees have replaced the deciduous trees that housed blue jays, hawks and robins.

It hardly matters where I have my garden. I will always treasure the gift of the flowers' scent and the birds that warble in different notes of bird languages.

Very happy to be represented by Gallery 444 in Union Square, San Francisco. This painting is available through the gallery by calling (415) 434-4477


Dave Casey said...

Now that is just beautiful. I love your colors and the sunlight shining on the grass behind. Very nice.

Anne Higgins said...

I love the painting, but also the description of your garden at the house in Chester Springs.

Thank you for posting.