Friday, September 12, 2014

"Pacific Blues", 16x20, oil on panel, paintings of Big Sur, Pacific Ocean impressionist paitnigns of the coast of California


"Pacific Blues", 16x20, oil on panel

Whenever I feel uninspired, I usually turn to photos I've taken during my many trips to California. The very first time I was there we took a very long ride up the coast from Santa Monica all the way up to San Francisco. I can't say I didn't enjoy the ride, though it was long.

Driving along the Pacific coast highway is quite an experience, and I often had to close my eyes as I don't like heights. But whenever my husband was able to convince me to open them and check out the view, I was always rewarded. This scene at Big Sur, is one of my favorites and I've painted it  few times. All of them have sold, so I decided to pull out the photos and do it again.

I listened to a  Linda Ronstadt CD as I painted because I love the way she sings and especially when she sings "Adios". It invariable makes me cry and suspect I'm not the only one.

Got to go clean my paintbrushes, so for now, Adios, amigos.

By the way, this painting is available through Gallery 444, in San Francisco.  Feel free to contact them at PHONE : (415) 434-4477, to inquire about this painting.

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