Wednesday, April 13, 2016

"Morning Blues", 16x20, oil on canvas, blue, hydrangeas, blue florals, Maryanne Jacobsen art, impressionist florals, outdoor florals, blue bottles, blue flowers

"Morning Blues", 16x20, oil on canvas

Another backyard floral completed yesterday! I am having a ball painting florals en plein air as I have the luxury of completing them indoors through a photograph when the light changes too much to continue to work outside. As an avid plein air painter, this is a wonderful chance to paint objects in outdoor light under controlled conditions.

I recently experienced a very negative experience painting on a windy boat dock, with some of my valued stuff flying off the deck and into the water while continually holding onto the easel (and my balance) for dear life! For less experienced plein air painters, I highly recommend trying a floral set-up in your backyard, patio, deck or whatever. You can leave it there overnight and return to it the next day, (As I did with Au Printemps) or finish it up indoors when the weather gets too hot or the bugs get too nasty. Best of both worlds!

This one was begun last Friday in Katie Cundiff's back yard, and although the morning light was a little dull, the weather was altogether pleasant. The birds were singing, fish and frogs were flapping about in the pond, and every now and then a pair of sandhill cranes would stroll by. Katie has been mentoring a group of artists every Friday in the methods of painting florals after the syle of Ovanes Berberian. Overall, I am still struggling with the technique and the preparation time as well as the copious amounts of paint requred to paint this way. But enjoying it nonetheless. I finished this painting up in my home studio yesterday. Ever though the paint had dried I was able to finish it somewhat successfully and I wasn't displeased with the outcome.

To see Ovanes work, you can go here, and to visit Katie's website and see her beautiful work, go here.

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