Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Wake-up call, Rooster painting

"Wake-up call", 9x12, oil on canvas panel

Ever have a wake-up call? Something that changes your like drastically, so that you no longer sweat the small stuff anymore? Sometimes we get a wake-up call and we are happy for a while, but then slip back into our old ways of worry and distress. I remember the day that my doctor told me that I might have cancer, back in 1998. It took a week for all the tests to come back, happily negative, and for a few months after that I was gloriously happy, basking in the after-effects of averting catastrophe. Slowly but surely I reverted back to a worry wart, as so many people do in these unpredictable times that we live in.

After I painted that handsome piece of poultry that you see above, I decided to call him, "Wake-up call", since he stands on the hillside poised to cheerfully announce the new day to whoever or whatever happens to be listening. Just for fun I googled wake-up call. I discovered that there is a movie called Wake-up call, a song by Hayden Panettiere called "Wake Up Call" , (appropriate for the broken hearted on Valentine's Day), and a bunch of scary YouTube videos about The New World Order that are called Wake-up call. I didn't watch the video because I didn't want to start off the day depressed, but the introduction to the video said "Do not watch this video if you rely on a rigid belief system to give your life a false sense of security and meaning.The information contained in this film is potentially life changing, but must be watched with an open mind. Unless you are willing to put everything you think you know temporarily on hold, and open up to the possibility that you may have been systematically deceived and lied to
your entire life, this film is not for you. " The movie then started with a scene from The Matrix, a movie which scared me so thoroughly that I had to walk out of the theatre 20 minutes into the film, leaving my teenage son without a ride home!

Whew! Aren't you glad I decided to call my rooster, Wake-up call? Cock a doodle do!

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Cynthia said...

I've got to tell you I'm stealing your end line for the quotes in my side bar. Love the painting too.