Monday, October 12, 2009

Go Smell the flowers- paintings of children, daffodils, flowers

"Go Smell the Flowers", 9x7, oil on canvas panel

I have been so busy lately that it's been hard for me to find time to either paint, dance, or smell the flowers!

Today, I worked all morning on things I don't like to do, made a dinner that could cook all day, turned on Whisperings solo piano music, and made up my mind to finish this painting which I started two weeks ago! The title for the painting was easy, and as it turns out, there is also a book by the same name, "Go Smell the Flowers". The book is by a couple who resigned from corporate to see the places they’d always wanted to see.

I can totally relate. It is so important to take a break from the rat race in order to connect or re-connect with all that's important in life, which for me has always been God, family and health.

I'm glad I took a break today and finished this painting!
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Jim said...

Hey just droppig in to let you know GO! smell the flowers the book we wrote in 2006 is finally published globally this October!

Feel free to drop into Our recent post and do mention you picture as we'd like tomwrite a post about your work!
See www.

Njoy!, great to be connected with you....
Cheers and (((group hugs)))