Thursday, April 19, 2012

"Florida Jacaranda Tree A-Bloom", 16x12, oil on canvas, paintings of jacaranda trees, purple, purple trees, exotic trees, jacaranda tree art

"Florida Jacaranda Tree A-Bloom", 16x12, oil on canvas

This started out as a plein air study of a jacaranda tree in my neighborhood. I happen to love jacarandas and since their bloom season is so short I didn't want to waste the opportunity to paint this one!

I painted the tree scene very quickly yesterday in some heavy winds and red ant mounds, and even had to go retrieve my roll of paper towels which had rolled all the way down the street in the wind!

I remembered to take a couple pics of the scene as well and here's a good image of the scene that I painted:

My plein air study was cut short by the wind but it served the purpose of helping me remember what I needed to remember for my studio piece.

I met the lady who lived in the house that I was painting. Her name is Gail and she came out to chat with me and invited me in for ice tea as well! Turns out, she is a watercolor artist! She does some lovely architectural work and I enjoyed talking to her about the differences between watercolors and oils.

All in all it was a good day yesterday, and since today was rainy in my area it afforded me a good chance to put my field study to good work!

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