Thursday, May 17, 2012

"Aragorn", 9x12, oil on board, cats, pretty cats, flowers and cats, tulips, yellow tulips

"Aragorn", 9x12, oil on board (Note: Feel free to click on the image in order to see the painting better!)

This beautiful cat belongs to my friends Jens and Marianne Christensen, who live in Germany.

Jens is a talented musician and you can hear two of his beautiful classical pieces here, while also perusing some of my original art!

I must confess that although I have painted cats numerous times before (see here and here and here), this lovely kitty almost drove me crazy. Indeed I wiped this painting out three different times and started over, though I probably should not admit that!

Today I tried once more and this is the final result.

Indeed, I think it would have been easier to paint Lucrezia Borgia herself than Miss Aragorn!

This painting will be going to Germany when its dry but feel free to send me your kitty photos if you would like me to do a portrait of your precious pussycat.

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