Friday, May 18, 2012

"Time to Go", 14x11, oil on canvas board, great blue heron, Gulf, beach, tropical scenes

"Time to Go", 14x11, oil on canvas board (aka "Just Leaving")

This painting received the People's Choice Award at The Venice Art Center's annual Fall Member's exhibit. It is always wonderful to have your peers vote for you! This was one of the art center's most popular exhibits this year, so I was very happy to learn that the people who attended the exhibit had liked it enough to vote for it.

This painting was also one of two selected for The Best Of Worldwide Oil Artists, Volume 2.

I need to go to the beach and paint this weekend. It always makes me feel happy to live in Florida when I see all the herons and cranes everywhere. Right now it is very, very hot and humid here, so I am looking for any inspiration I can find.

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