Tuesday, August 13, 2013

"On a Clear Day you can See Forever", 9x12, oil on panel, trees, water, tiger Lillies, Rockport Massachusetts, Cape Ann, Old Garden Path, Captain's House, MArmion Way, plein air

"On a Clear Day you can see Forever", 9x12, plein air

The painting above was done during my recent trip to New England.

Once again we stayed at the lovely"Captain's House" on Marmion Way in Rockport, MAssachusetts and the sun came out to greet us after 5 days of dismal rainy weather in Maine. So I took the opportunity to go down to the Old Garden Path and find a spot to paint.

I had always admired the twisting trees that you see at the beginning of the path and so I didn't find a need to go much further down the path to create my painting.

Here's the scene that I decide to paint:
As you can see, there was a strong pattern of light and shadow, and the design, along with the lyrical trees, was what attracted me to the scene. I decided to omit the bench, because I didn't think it was necessary. A couple sailboats went by as I was painting, and so I decided to put one in, instead of the bench, for interest.

My hubby came by while I was painting, and took this photo of me as I painted:

If you ever visit Rockport on Cape Ann in Massachusetts, be sure to take the scenic walk along the ocean at the Old Garden Path. It begins on Marmion Way and winds past lovely ocean "cottages" to the headlands, where you can see the scenic village of Rockport and Motif#1 below.

If you are interested in "On a Clear Day", just send me an email at maryannejacobsen@com.

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