Thursday, April 09, 2009

Field of Gold

SOLD"Field of Gold", 12x16, oil on canvas panel
(Note: Click on the photo to see the thick passages of impasto)

I decided to do another sunflower painting today, since nothing makes me smile more than a bunch of sunflowers jumping right out at me. They are natural smile-breakers- with their golden color and sunny nature- shaped like the sun itself, but crafted under the Master's own imaginative hand.

This time I went for a modified limited palette and I did not tone my canvas. Interesting- the pros and cons of both methods. Toning the canvas makes painting much easier- there is no question about that, but I feel it does impact on the vibrancy of the color overall. Any way, this one was done a little larger and in a vertical format. Lots of very thick, juicy paint in this one. A happy painting overall, just waiting to make some wall very happy!

This painting is currently in an exhibit. Please email me if you wish to have purchase information about this piece.

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