Friday, August 07, 2009

St. Augustine- cracker style house, plein air

SOLD"St.Augustine-old Florida Garden"-9x12, oil on wrapped canvas

I visited St. Augustine this week and it seems I never get tired of the quirky architecture in that ancient city. You can pass a gorgeous Victorian mansion on one corner, turn down a side street and be greeted by an old ramshackle house with a tin , generally called a Florida cracker house. The main style of architecture in the historic district was strongly influenced by the Spanish for a time. The later colonial period brought the architecture of colonial America into play, and the two and three story wooden houses with the second story porches is the style that I most readily connect with St. Augustine. Whatever style you prefer- St. Augustine homes are old-very old- and like fine wine and mature women, their facades are filled with character and a comfortable familiarity that borders on déjà vu.

Even though the heat was practically unbearable this week, (96 degrees with very high humidity) I got out and painted quite a bit.

This was painted with palette knife only and has thick passages of paint. To see the impasto better, check out the photo below, in which I photographed the painting outside and the impasto shows clearly: (You can also click on the photo to see it better)

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