Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Fantasy Impromptu, oil on linen, 18x24

"Fantasy Impromptu", 18x24, oil on linen panel

This painting has just sold through Collector's Gallery and Framery to a collector in Texas. I have been having good luck with Texas art collectors purchasing my art work recently. I am wondering if there is a gallery out there, perhaps in Houston, looking for me? I'd love to have some representation there!

As a child I played the piano every day and was considered an accomplished pianist by the time I was in high school. It was my love for classical music that led me to my next passion, which was ballet. I loved losing myself in ballet class to both the beautiful piano music as well as the physical demands of classical ballet training, and I would always leave class totally relaxed and in a positive frame of mind.

How I miss taking ballet class!

Every day before I begin a painting, the choice of music that I listen to becomes just as important as the lighting in the studio, and I believe that it ultimately affects the success of my painting.

I named this painting after my favorite composer Frederic Chopin. His hauntingly beautiful piece, "Fantasy Impromptu" is probably my favorite of all of Chopin's compositions. I hope he would be pleased with the outcome of this painting, as he has certainly supplied me with a great deal of listening pleasure over the years!

This painting won a second place ribbon at The Ringling College's Englewood Center and has also been exhibited in Sarasota.

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