Sunday, December 05, 2010

"Moody Bayou", 12x16, by Maryanne Jacobsen, paintings of bayous, atmospheric paintings

SOLD"Moody Bayou", 12x16, oil on canvas

A bayou is a body of water typically found in flat, low-lying areas, and can refer either to an extremely slow-moving stream or river (often with a poorly defined shoreline), or to a marshy lake or wetland. Bayous are commonly found in the Gulf Coast region of the southern United States, particularly the Mississippi River region, with the state of Louisiana being famous for them. A bayou is frequently an anabranch or minor braid of a braided channel that is moving much more slowly than the mainstem, often becoming boggy and stagnant, though the vegetation varies by region. Many bayous are home to crawfish, certain species of shrimp, other shellfish, catfish, alligators, and a myriad other species.

The definition above was taken from Wikipedia.

I painted this painting a few months ago, at the height of the Deepwater Horizon Disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. The catastrophe shook me to the core, and for many months I couldn't paint due to depression and headaches that seemed as if they would never stop.

I am not completely over the trauma of the disaster. Although my headaches have certainly abated, just a few weeks ago my husband and I spotted a large bird, probably a heron, on the beach in our little town, it's legs high and stiff in the air and its head buried irreconcilably in the sand- dead as the dead zone off the Louisiana coast. In my heart I knew what had caused its demise, but I didn't dare focus on it anymore. The future is about hope, and faith and endurance, and without these things it is hard to move forward when the going gets tough.

I have never had it tough. I have never had to go without anything. Sometimes that makes me feel incredibly guilty. The inequity in this world is shameful, and yet I hold to the promises of the Sermon on the Mount, where the meek will inherit the earth and the poor in spirit will inherit paradise, and where those who hunger and thirst for righteousness will be filled. Christianity is no longer popular on this planet. That is such a shame to me, because the world needs the teachings of Jesus Christ, the greatest philosopher who ever lived, more than ever before in the history of mankind.

I wish the followers of this blog, regardless of their spiritual proclivities, a very peaceful, joyous Christmas season, and I hope that humanity will someday be joined in total peace and love for each other and for the Creator of this great universe.

Thanks for listening.

If you are interested in this heartfelt painting, please contact Leah Sherman directly at Collector's Gallery and Framery at 941-488-3029.

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