Tuesday, August 16, 2011

"Rainy Day Florida Garden-plein air", 12x16, oil on masonite

"Rainy Day Florida Garden-plein air", 12x16, oil on masonite

Since I came back from my New England vacation , I have been lamenting about how uncomfortable it is to paint outside here in Florida with all the excessive heat and humidity that one must deal with. I was finally regaining some confidence in my abilities to paint out in the open ( en plein air) while I was away on my trip. In fact, I managed to do 4 plein air paintings while I was away and it seemed almost effortless with the beautiful light and cooler conditions!

So when I got back here to the typical subtropical conditions, I found myself falling into a bit of a pity pot. It's been raining a whole lot here lately, but that's to be expected in a subtropical climate. Finally the other day, I just decided to drag all my stuff out onto a protected area of the lanai and made up my mind to paint the garden area around the pool. It was actually not that bad painting in the rainy weather, because there wasn't a whole lot of change in light in the two and a half hours that I was out there, which was nice.

The result was kind of soft and hazy, just like the day. I painted all but my signature outside! Hurray!

The rain was intermittent throughout the afternoon, but here's a good idea of what I was looking at while I painted:

I left out the pool fountain because I thought it was distracting.

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Katherine Thomas said...

That's beautiful! I like the dance of colors, like cheery raindrops splashing around! Your pool is gorgeous, too, by the way!

Teresa Cowley said...

Lovely, Maryanne! :)

Roxanne Steed said...

Oh I really love these palms! Beautiful! Good idea for a rainy day- I know it is unbearably hot in August down there!