Monday, January 30, 2012

"Three Daisies and two Cherries", 8x8, oil on wrapped canvas-painitngs of flowers, daisies, cherries, coffee mugs, small paintings

"Three Daisies and two Cherries", 8x8, oil on wrapped canvas

Friday morning was the last day of Dreama's 3 day workshop on Marco Island. We did an exercise in the morning which was a lot of fun and revealed a lot of things about our personalities. We were given different photos to use as reference, and then we were allowed to start the painting for about 3 minutes. Then, for the next 45 minutes or so, we played "musical easels" -going around the room in a clockwise direction and working for 2-3 minutes on someone else's painting. If we didn't like the way it looked, we could scrape out the parts we wanted to change. We didn't have to use any rules, other than to paint with the other artists' paints and medium. The end result was that the painting we had started with, ended up with about 12-15 other painters strokes on it!

While some of the ladies were totally happy with their end result, I decided that my painting looked like it had a bad case of schizophrenia. So I wiped the entire thing out and started fresh. Above is the end result and I guarantee that every stroke is mine! I used Dreama's method of laying in the first notes with transparent oils and adding the opaques in subsequent layers.

I like the way it came out. Although it has a lot of blue in it, it is definitely an upbeat happy painting.

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Susan Roux said...

This is so different than your usual work. Now that I read your post, I can see why. Looks like you had a lot of fun during the workshop.