Tuesday, July 08, 2014

"Morning Pasture, Misty Hollow Farm", 9x12, horse, paintings of horses, Springhouse, meadow, Chester Spings, Pennsylvania, horse farms

"Morning Pasture, Misty Hollow Farm", 9x12

One of the things that I love about Chester Springs and Chester County, Pa, is that there are about a jillion horse farms there. So, for an artist, there is a painting around every corner. Whether it be a springhouse, a farm, a barn with a red roof, horses grazing in a meadow- it all adds up to a painting!

I caught this horse grazing in the meadow at Misty Hollow Farm one morning. The springhouse was in shadow, and the low morning sun washing the meadow in light created a lovely juxtaposition of lights and darks in the composition.

The vivid orange tiger lillies were just starting to bloom when I left the area, so I took a little artistic license and made them bloom a little ahead of time to add a splash of color to the virgin greens of late spring.

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