Sunday, April 29, 2018

"This Table is Reserved", 12x16, oil on paper on panel, Paintings of table settings, drawing room, old world charm, Zorn palette, alizarin crimson, interiors

"This Table is Reserved", 12x16, oil on paper on panel

This was a study with a limited palette, using colors I don't normally use. It was basically a Zorn palette, but I added Ultramarine Blue as well. I used Yellow ochre for my yellow, and normally I rarely use ochre. I prefer Indian yellow for its vibrancy and transparency.

I also used Alizarin Crimson, which is a color I've disliked for a long time. Alizarin Crimson is preferred by most painters, to the point where it is considered almost sacred! I can definitely paint without it. It's a muddy red, quite fugitive, and as such it does not mix well with other colors. I much prefer Permanent rose.

I also used black, which I refused to use for many years. But I'm actually beginning to like it as I grow older. Maybe because I am getting lazy. It's easy to create a cold dark, but a warm dark is a bit harder. Black makes it simple.

At any rate, using a limited and rather dull palette set the stage for what I was trying to create in this study, which was basically an old world look, like stepping into a drawing room of the late 1800's.

It's good to experiment with different palettes and techniques, and I feel like I've grown a lot since the days when I refused to put earthy ochre, ugly old black and muddy alizarin on my palette!

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