Thursday, March 12, 2020

"View from the Patio", 12x24, oil on panel, Lioness Cellars, Wineries in Temecula, vineyards, vineyard sunset, wine-tasting, Southern California vineyards, Maryanne Jacobsen fine art, grandchildren, hope and joy

"View from the Patio", 12x24, oil on panel

 Back in December of 2015, my very first grand-daughter was born. My son and daughter-in-law named her Zoey, which means "life" and indeed she was a beautiful lively child from her earliest days and continues to fill our hearts with great joy!

We traveled out to San Diego California to meet her and had a week and a half of pure bliss, enjoying this lovely new addition to our family, and spending time with our son and his wife.

While there, we took a road trip to beautiful Temecula, an hour or so drive from San Diego that took us through many rolling hills, small mountains and lovely vineyards. We decided to stop at Leoness Cellars  to see the sunset and enjoy a glass of Temecula wine.

As we sat on the patio in a beautiful setting and watched the sun sink lower in the sky, I could not help but count my blessings and marvel at the wonder of God's creation, both in baby Zoey and in my surroundings.

 My daughter-in-law smiled broadly, baby at her breast, as she enjoyed a rare glass of chardonnay- the first in many, many months since she had become pregnant.

The sun continued to descend and the sky looked as though it been dry-brushed with swatches of rose and yellow.

Almost five years later, I came upon the photos I had taken from the patio that day and decided that now, in the midst of a deadly pandemic, it would be helpful to concentrate on happier things and happier times, in the hope that there will be more memories to come that are just as sweet, and just as hopeful.

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