Monday, March 03, 2008

The Other Woman, 12x16

"The Other Woman", 12x16 , oil on gallery-wrapped canvas

I know that the Daily Painters Gallery prefers that we do not post the same paintings two days in a row, but I am excited about this one! I worked on her skin color and features today, and I think that I made a significant improvement in the way this painting came out. I am definitely feeling as though I am improving as a painter, and what with the fact that I was one of the few painters who sold not one, but TWO paintings in last weeks invitational Paint-out, I am realizing that I have a future in art if I keep working hard. I look at the talent on the Daily Painters Gallery and wonder how in the world I'll ever measure up against the many talented artists there. And then I remind myself that I never had a fancy art education and only have been painting for two years, and then I realize I should not be hard on myself. I also need to thank the many collectors who have lifted me up and helped me believe in myself on the days when I wondered why I was even painting.

Today I am up, but tomorrow is another day. Stay tuned.

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Sheila Vaughan said...

Maryanne, I have just been looking at your latest work and I love this portrait. I feel it is totally balanced and in harmony, both in colour and value. Great work!