Friday, September 18, 2009

Red Unitard- dance art, ballet art, paintings of dancers

"Girl in the Red Unitard", 16x 12, oil on linen (Note: Please click on the image to see the detail better)

I am having so much fun re-connecting to my former ballet students who are on Facebook, from my days when I was the artistic director of a ballet school and company in Pennsylvania. I painted this portrait of one of my students, Ashley Walker, in her red unitard. The painting took a second place ribbon in an art show about a year ago...

The painting really can't do her justice, and I think since I am a little more accomplished this year, than I was when I painted this, I may try it again. I can now look at the photo of her and see that I didn't get the tilt of the head quite right, and I made the neck a little long. I recall that it took forever for me to paint the hands!Sheesh! When will hands get easier?

I am very, very happy to see that my former students are doing well in the ten plus years since I've last seen them!

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