Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bittersweet Memories

SOLD"Bittersweet Memories", 12x16, oil on Claussens linen

I named the painting "Bittersweet Memories" in keeping with the dramatic essence of the piece. The elements of an empty goblet, a lemon and peel, and blood red roses set against a midnight backdrop add romance, intrigue and a little mystery to this elegant still life. I have always been idealistic in a romantic and impractical way and so is this still life painting, if you think about it. The glass is empty, and all that remains are elements that are sour and thorny. Nevertheless, I didn't see it that way when I painted it. I saw a romantic grouping of beautifully colored and variantly shaped elements placed under a mysterious (chiaroscuro) light setting.

This painting was done a while back and I am thinking I would like to do more still lifes in the future, with the chiaroscuro lighting effect that worked so well in this painting. Right now I am working on a commission piece, but I definitely will be switching gears to some still life contemporary realism pieces soon, so stay tuned!

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