Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Renaissance child-final- paintings of children, little girls in bonnets, Renaissance fair

SOLD"Renaissance Child", 9x12, oil on Vincent Masterpiece linen

I painted this a couple weeks ago and had a feeling it wasn't quite finished. Today, I took it out and worked on it some more, and now I'm happy with the result. If I still have it a couple months from now, I'll probably make some additional changes, but right now I feel that I captured the winsome expression on the little child's face.

You can compare the two paintings below, to see the subtle changes that I made today.

Maryanne Jacobsen added the following additional info about this painting on September 25th, 2009:

Thanks to the many people who left KIND comments about my most recent painting, "Renaissance Child". Sadly, it is not always possible to have a live model when painting portraits and therefore one must paint from photographs. I utilized the photo below, which was taken from the Wet Canvas free reference library and cropped it, to come up with the reference for "Renaissance Child".

I was hooked on the beguiling look on this youngster's face and I have come to find out that I was not the only one drawn to her image and determined to paint her. Fellow Daily Painter, Kay Crain confided that she has been thinking of painting her also, but I beat her to it! Yesterday, I also discovered that talented San Antonio portrait painter Susan Carlin has already painted her! So she beat me to it! Obviously great minds think alike.

For those who wondered about the inspiration for the painting, now you know.

I am not going to sell this painting at this point in time, as I felt she had some show-worthy potential, but thanks for looking!

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