Monday, March 05, 2012

"Gail's Old Florida Garden", 12x16, oil on canvas, plein air, Florida gardens, banana trees, Old Florida, Azaleas, Florida foilage, palms

"Gail's Old Florida Garden", 12x16, oil on canvas, plein air, alla prima by Maryanne Jacobsen

Today I painted at a lovely private residence in Nokomis, Florida. It's not often you can find azaleas in this neck of the woods, but Gail's property has plenty of them, in every color and variety! The weather was beautiful and it was easy to paint for three hours in such a lovely setting.

I also finally got to meet Karen Hitt's studio assistant "Bonnie Blue", and a bonnie lass she certainly is!

Karen also introduced me to Wet-Case, and the Wet Canvas Carrying system and it definitely came in handy today with all the wet paint I was slinging around! Here is how beautifully neat and clean you can keep your car, even if you are an avid plein air painter that exudes paint the way most people exude air!

The thing that is really cool about the Wet Case carrying system is that it has two separate layers, so if you are painting all day, or at a paint-out, you have ample storage room for your wet canvases on the way home. The system comes with clamps that clamp right into the canvas, elevating it away from the sides of the box and keeping everything clean and neat! Here's Karen with her Wet-Case at her easel, as Bonnie Blue enjoys a pine cone snack.

To learn more about the Wet Case Carrying System, or to order your own online, here is the link: Wet Case Carrying System.

Karen caught this pic of me painting, and just in case you can't read the sign on the tree it says "Armadillo Crossing". Now wouldn't you just love to paint here?


Katherine Thomas said...

That's a gorgeous painting! Very bold, the way you contrasted the light and shadows. I really like that. I have a friend who uses the wet case. It sounds great. Happy painting!

Bob Grove said...

I am glad to see you enjoying my WET-CASE system! I miss Florida already - had a great time painting with Karen and meeting so many friendly people. We just finished shooting a demonstration video this week that will soon be on the website. I truly appreciate your positive comments. Happy painting to all! - Bob